EcoFlow 5kWh LFP Battery

EcoFlow 5kWh LFP Battery



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There are two types of EcoFlow LFP Battery, 5kWh LFP Battery and 2kWh LFP Battery, both of which use the safest and most reliable type of lithium iron phosphate battery cell (LiFePO4 or LFP). The nominal voltage of a single LFP cell is 3.2V. The 5kWh LFP battery consists of 16 cells (100AH each cell) in 16S1P and the 2kWh LFP battery consists of 32 cells (20AH each cell) in 16S2P. Nominal voltage of both batteries is 16×3.2V=51.2V.

Both batteries have built-in battery management system, which keeps the battery system operating in a reasonable condition at all time and extends the battery service life.

The battery has a built-in auto-heating system to ensure that the battery can be charged safely and quickly at -20°C~50°C (-4°F~122°F).

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